Next generation docs for teams
Introducing a brand new text document tool, built for 21st century teams. Always know who wrote what. Get real-time alerts when documents change. Create and find docs directly within Slack. Keep everyone on the same page, automatically.
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The perfect companion for your team’s favorite chat tool
Because some ideas are bigger than a text message – turbo charge your team’s chat with paired text docs. Instant notifications help you collaborate in a flash. Powerful slash commands let you create documents – and find them – directly within chat. Document channels in Dossier link to chat channels in Slack, keeping the right folks in the know.
Instant Notifications
Powerful Slash Commands
Channel-based File System
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Never miss an update, comment, or mention
Stop playing guessing games with your docs. Important activity in Dossier triggers notifications in Slack, so you'll know immediately when an important document has been updated. Likewise, when you share a doc or leave a comment, your team members will be notified right away, so you and your team spend less time wondering and more time getting things done.
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Keep your docs in a row, with linked channels
In Dossier, your team’s documents stay organized automatically, in channels – just like conversations in Slack. By linking channels between Dossier and Slack, document activity is announced in linked channels in Slack, keeping just the folks who need to know, in the know.
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Create docs in Slack for instant team access
How many clicks does it take to get everybody on the same page? Exactly zero. Use the slash command /new in Slack to create a new document. Launch meeting notes and brainstorms 500% faster.
Take the guess work out of team work
Dossier text docs are built from the ground up for team collaboration.
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Document updates are underlined
Have you ever opened a doc and wondered “what’s changed here?” Not anymore. Updates to your docs are underlined so you know exactly what changes have been made since the last time you viewed your doc.
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Always know who wrote what
In Slack, you never have to guess who posted a recent message. Shouldn’t your text documents have the same level of transparency? Attribution lets you know who wrote each line of content, so you can collaborate more effectively.
Never lose a doc
Channels keep your docs organized. A brilliant search algorithm helps you find docs on the fly.
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All-powerful, forgiving search
Looking for a document from way back when? Or maybe just last week? Our search algorithm forgives misspellings and personalizes rankings, so documents you've worked on or viewed are prioritized in search results. Find docs anywhere in Dossier using the key command, OPT + SPACE.
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Find and post docs, directly in Slack
All of your docs in Dossier are immediately accessible within Slack. And because you can post search results directly into conversations, it’s faster than ever to get everybody working together.
Do your best work, together.
Doc-to-doc links
Link between docs and create a dynamic wiki structure.
The power of chat @mentions are now inside your text docs
Smart Inbox
Get instant access to the docs you use the most
Slack SSO
Keep your team secure with user access via Slack SSO
Privacy Controls
Privacy when you need it for both documents and channels
Top-tier Security
256-bit data encryption at rest, HTTPS everywhere
“Dossier is a better google docs for my team of software engineers. We use it for everything from meeting notes to design documents. The channels concept helps us keep organized and the Slack integration helps us find and create documents from within our Slack channels.”
Andy O’Neill
Lead Platform Engineer, Harry’s